Hi Creative Souls, 

Where are you now? What do you desire next? 

My friend Jessica hosted a get together a couple of weeks ago. It was a check-in for a group she facilitates, and she used those two questions. We were to really listen to ourselves to see where we are now. What do we desire next? She went on to say, “life is always asking us to become more of ourselves.” 

These were such great questions that I decided to use them for my Vision Board event last Sunday. I wanted to give them guidance, a place to start to think bigger for their 2021. I mean, that is what I do. I tried not to make it a facilitated event, yet I wanted to make this Vision Board event different. So I thought… 

Why not give them those prompts to lead them to a path beyond their imagination.
Why not see what else they can create for themselves to play, and be more prominent in 2021. 

My next big desire is to have my artwork on a LA Billboard. I submitted to the LA Billboard competition for artists to display their artwork on a billboard in April. There are many boards…and I am sure there are many artists who submitted! Awesomeness! 

This will be a massive step for me! It is driving me nuts with anticipation waiting to hear the results. It feels magical and a way for me to continue this path of being vulnerable and visible. It is exhilarating. For me, this would be equivalent to me getting an Oscar or winning the Super Bowl. 

If life is always asking us to become more of ourselves, “what stories are we telling ourselves around where we are now?” and “where we desire to be?” 

My mind is still pondering these questions. 

I am sure I have said this before. I am “shoulding” all over myself with thoughts of I should be further along in my career, making more money, or be married with kids living in a white picket fence. How are these “shoulds” serving me now? Sure they are fun stories to drive me crazy. They aren’t creating me to be expansive in 2021. 

Because I want to be more passionately curious, I created this six-part series (maybe more) looking at our stories that we are telling ourselves. Come see your NARRATIVE NON-FICTION story in February. See where you are now and then where your desire to be next with your stories. 

Oh, and by the way, I did get accepted into a new art show – Thousand Oaks Art Associations. The online reception is this Saturday at 4p. Let me know if you are interested, and I can send you the Zoom link. 

One of the big desires that I started in November was Social Media videos showing my artwork. This month I am doing a 28-Day Challenge on Love. I already sold one piece. You can see these on Facebook or Instagram. Links to my social media are in the Art for Sale & Exhibits section below. 

See you on the other side of your NARRATIVE NON-FICTION canvas! 

~ Karen