Hello, Creative Souls, 

Are you getting the proper support?

Do you know how you want to be supported? There are a lot of different kinds of support. 

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Personal
  4. Financial
  5. On-the-Job 
  6. Technical
  7. Customer
  8. Instrumental
  9. Informational
  10. Healthy vs. unhealthy support 
  11. Wanted vs. unwanted support 
  12. Wire vs. no wire 

Absolutely. It is vital to have proper bra support. (I have to put some humor into a serious topic.) My first bar was training bras. I had to train them?! LOL … Oops, did I age myself? LOL. I hate going bra shopping. I didn’t mind doing it with my mom. She always made it easy. … She was supportive in that way. 

I can never find the right support on my own. I mean bra. The bras I buy, within a couple of wears, always have straps that break or get stretched out. The cups were too big. The wire would break through the fabric and poke my boob. I’d try a non-wire, and my breast would look saggy. I tried going to a bra specialty store, but those always didn’t fit my back correctly. I would have to get an extension clasp to make it work. I would think the expensive bras would give me longer and healthier support for the price I paid for them. I always felt like I was constantly adjusting my bras to fit. Since COVID, I have been braless. It feels so darn good. They are free and loving it. 🙂 

So how does the bra metaphor fit for I AM Supported? 

Well, you can see how having the right, healthy, and wanted support in your life can help you survive in life. How it can give you the push and love, you need to be your best self. 

My friend and Acupuncturist, Brenda Smith, had an exceptional talk about Breast Health a few years ago. She mentioned bras in her speech. With her help and brilliant words, here is how a bra metaphor relates to I AM Supported! 

  1. A properly fitting bra shouldn’t ride up your back. The band should stay in place for good support. Supportive people don’t ride up your back. They stand firm in loving you. 
  2. Your bra should not feel tighter as the day goes on, that means you are allergic to something in the fabric. Unsupportive people make you feel uncomfortable. Supportive people don’t try to squeeze you into someone you are not. 
  3. Underwires can impair blood flow and circulation. Supportive people don’t suffocate you with their opinions or restrictions, and they don’t poke you in uncomfortable places to get you to change. 
  4. Don’t wear your bra for more than 12 hours a day. Don’t spend too much time with unsupportive people. The more time you spend, the more toxic they become. 

When you know what and how you want to be supported, can you imagine having proper support? 

Come play this Sunday at I AM Supported or any upcoming events. You will feel incredibly supported in just the way you like it! 

See you on the other side of the canvas! 

~ Karen