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The idea for Paint Your Essence began more than 20 years ago when I moved into my first apartment. Unable to find the “perfect” painting, I took matters into my own hands and became a contemporary artist. As I started painting, the paint would explode onto the canvas in a fantasy of color, forms, and textures. Since then, much of my art has left no color unexplored.



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Karen sachs

I started painting to reveal my soul, aid in my self-discovery, and color my world beyond imagination.

When I picked up a paintbrush for the first time and touched it to a blank canvas, paint exploded in a fantasy of color, forms, and textures – electric blue swirls at first, and then purples and reds. My use of color immediately became the foundation for my art. I quickly learned how color illustrates emotions and feelings.

As a contemporary artist, my portraits capture hidden pieces of the human experience, exposing parts of ourselves that we regularly keep hidden. I paint animals to show how much we can learn from our furry friends while my landscapes explore the beauty of life. Abstract pieces allow me to express openness and creativity freely.

When I added glass mosaic to my artistic repertoire, it gave me additional opportunities to express myself naturally. Mosaic artwork makes me feel connected to life. We can be these individual pieces that have a connection to one another through various grouted paths. 

Painting and glass mosaic are not the only creative techniques I like to play with these days. Lately, I have been adding color to my artwork with oil pastels.

Creating art is an exuberant experience that gives me pleasure. I love finding the truth through artistic expression. The movement of paint or any form of art reveals our true nature and, like many artists before me, I benefit from art’s healing powers.


Kind Words From Creative Souls

“One of my very first experiences with Paint Your Essence occurred in November of 2018.  The workshop was set up as a “face-to-face” experience to explore, play, reflect, and find creativity among others.  Needless to say, I was absolutely grateful for the process, the group and Karen as a competent, joyful and non-judgemental facilitator.”

Monica B.

The expression of joy and laughter on my face is an indication of how happy and thankful I am to have discovered Karen Sachs’ and her artistic creativity sessions of Paint Your Essence, Soul Expression and more. I enjoy the opportunity, shared with like minded people, to get in touch with & to express my inner self in creative ways.”

Christi G.

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