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Corporate Workshops

We offer corporate trainings called “Paint Your Essence” as a way for your employees to reduce stress and increase their creative thinking by playing with paint, color, and imagination.

Join us and be creative

What happens during a Corporate Workshop?

Did you know that 66% of doctors surveyed believe that doing art has a positive role to play in preventing depression and chronic illnesses? At Corporate Paint Your Essence Workshops, we provide all the supplies, instruction, and even clean up so that all your employees have to do is show up to play.

Are your employees feeling stressed and have no energy at work?
Are your co-workers overwhelmed at their job and all that is going on with life?
Are your colleagues frustrated and stuck on a project and possibly unmotivated because they are tired?
Do you want to increase the creative thinking around the board room table?

A Corporate Paint Your Essence Workshop unlocks creativity, lowers employees’ stress levels, and gives your company a creative boost so that your employees are energized, inspired, and ready to think more creatively inside and outside the box.

Got something specific in mind? We are always open to customizing a Corporate Paint Your Essence Workshop for your business or organization!


The Following Workshops Are Available:

Finding Inner Peace

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” Wayne Dyer

Peace is an essential part of life experiences, but it doesn’t come easily when an external/internal tug-of-war explosion is ready to happen. No inner peace can exist when a intense battle is pulling at us. We can’t have peace on earth unless we can have peace within ourselves first.

In “Finding Your Inner Peace,” we get curious about how we can be here now in harmony. We look deeply into the nature of our tug-of-war to get to that place of peace, and we paint your inner war into serenity.


  • Improved relationships with colleagues
  • Healthier internal thoughts
  • Released emotional energy
  • Capacity for productivity increases
  • Positive boundary creation
  • Better communication with co-workers
Creating Happiness
  • Do your employees feel like they have lost their way?
  • Are they so busy with work and family and other demands that they seem to have lost touch with who they are and what they really want?
  • Are they showing up as spectators in their work, sitting on the sidelines, avoiding and opting out of leadership roles and new projects?
  • Are you struggling to find ways to inspire and motivate them to discover some hidden happiness and inner peace?

Happiness is something we search for our whole life. If I only had this or that, if I had gotten that promotion, salary increase, or the job I’ve always wanted, then I would be happy. Maybe if we let go of seeking material and transient things, we could discover the lasting joy that is within. Giving ourselves permission to play would create an opportunity to feel and be at peace with who we are.

During “Creating Happiness,” we paint about your happiness experience. We let go of the outside world and discover the life we long to live. We shift from our busy ‘to-do list’ mind and discover an inner world we never knew existed. This Paint Your Essence Workshop is all about YOU, your colorful best self, where YOUR essence can play and have a whole lot of belly laughs into happiness.

What else is possible when YOU are happy?


  • Create more motivation
  • Gain inspiration
  • Improve moods
  • Explore new solutions
  • Increase productivity
  • Greater harmony in the workplace
Hello, My Name is Fear

Is fear getting in the way of your employees’ growth?

Is it stopping them from working to their full potential?

Fear is a feeling. A powerful emotion that can block growth. The real purpose of fear is to motivate us to act. Whether we do or don’t act on that fear, it is our choice. We could Forget Everything And Run, or we could Face Everything And Rise.

In “Hello My Name is Fear,” we paint our fears. Whatever you might be afraid of in your life, is fear stopping you from taking action? If your employees are scared of loving, succeeding, failing, living, dying, or being the best they can be, perhaps holding them back in their work. If they can learn tools and find a way to be motivated by fear – to take action, what might that create for your company?

Let’s paint fear as a spark within us and rise!


  • Taking smarter risks
  • Improving the ability to speak up
  • Increasing comfort when sharing innovative ideas
  • Making better decisions
  • Being better leaders
  • Conquering fear


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Kind Words From Creative Souls

“You did a great job!  I was so proud of you! People really enjoyed it and found it interesting and insightful.  The space worked perfectly and it was a great day.  Thanks for how much you did and for bringing in your assistants to help.  We will do this again!”

Susan Mayginnes Howard

President, Core Leadership Circle

As most of us are engineers, meeting schedules and deadlines and logical thinking makes up most of our days. Karen was able to guide us to our creative sides and really take a look inward at what brings joy in our lives.”

Keli Callahan

Project Manager & Vice President, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

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