April: Your Essence is Like a Box of Chocolates Part 3



I believe that OUR ESSENCEs are made up of four different parts: Heart, body, mind and soul.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This is one of my favorite life metaphors. Each piece of candy is filled with a different delicious flavor, just as life is filled with different outcomes, decisions and thoughts. Until you bite in and taste the filling under the sweet chocolate shell, you can’t really tell what you’ve bitten into.

In Paint Your Essence Workshops during February, March, April and June, we will make four paintings that will connect YOU to YOUR own “box of chocolates.” We will describe these four areas of your amazing life. If you attend one (or all four), you will develop a delicious sweet tooth!

We just completed seeing how our HEART’s Essence flows. We discovered our BODY’s Essence is beautiful. … Now we explore OUR MIND’s Essence! The mind is powerful…

Apr 23: Your MIND’s ESSENCE is Always Thinking

I saw this great video by Prince Ea on FB and YouTube. It is his version of the meaning of, “Row, Row, Row your Boat.” Creatively, it got me thinking in new ways. If we take our boat down the stream, we can make the choice of being the best that we can be, or not. We are always thinking whether or not our thoughts are conscious or unconscious and then we make choices off of those thoughts – all the good, bad and ugly.

What does your ship or boat look like as your mind rows down the stream? Are you taking control? Are you happily rowing YOUR boat? Shakespeare says, “Tragedy is a comedy misunderstood.” If that is the case, where are you laughing and letting YOUR dream, YOUR life be YOUR CHOICE consciously or unconsciously? That is what we are going to look at as we paint our MIND’s ESSENCE.

Watch this fun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDrVCqeZIAY
Let’s create some extraordinary life!

 What is Paint Your Essence Workshop?

In a Paint Your Essence Workshop YOU will create a new inner landscape that is fertile ground for discovering YOU and creating change. Color, imagery and symbolism, will be your guides in this expressive art painting workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for you to connect to YOU – your Expression.

 All levels welcome

Thank you for joining us in painting your ESSENCE

 Apr 23: Your MIND’s ESSENCE is Always Thinking

Date: Sunday, April 23, 2017
Time: 1p-5p
Location: Hollywood Production Center, 1149 N. Gower St, LA, CA 90038
Price: $65 including supplies; Sign up by Apr 19 and pay $47
Bring a creative thinker with you and save $7 each.

CLICK HERE to purchase now

A brief description of the last part of the series:

June 4: Your SOUL’S ESSENCE is Living Life Fully

Metaphor for the soul: “The ocean is like life. It has it highs and lows. It comes in and out. The waves are like the ocean of consciousness.” Or Paramahansa Yoganada says, “You can consciously know (experience) your soul – your true Self – by meditation. And when you know yourself as Soul, you will have discovered the presence of God with you (as you).

Date: Sunday, June 4, 2017

Time: 1p-5p

Location: Hollywood Production Center, 1149 N. Gower St, LA, CA 90038

Price: $65 including supplies; Sign up by May 31 and pay $47

Bring a creative soul with you and save $7 each.

 Pay with: cash, check, or CLICK HERE To purchase now

Questions: Contact Karen at Karen@paintyouressence.com

Today, stay connected to the best version of you which is infinite, lovable, powerful, complete, unstoppable, and unlimited, and have a weekend full of blessings!


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