When was the last time you gave yourself...

Permission to PLAY?

Adding in short bursts of creative PLAY to your hectic schedule this week could improve your performance at work, reduce stress levels and possibly even deliver some million dollar ideas!

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Give your home a distinct look and feel with my original acrylic paintings and glass mosaics artwork.


As a life coach, I help you discover the beauty of the human experience through the liberating use of art therapy.


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21 Day Playing with YOUR Creativity Challenge

The 21 Day Creativity Challenge is a FREE and fun way of letting your imagination and creativity flow.  For 21 days dive into what creativity means for you...  art, music, cooking, cleaning, setting up a classroom, decorating for a party, writing, being with nature, photography and so on. Register NOW and you will be notified when the next Creative Challenge begins.


Karen Sachs is a Prolific Artist with BOLD styles and diverse subject matter. Combining her love of personal growth and art, she is a Workshop Facilitator trained through Productive Learning & Leisure Trainers and a certified Creatively Fit Coach.

Leslie R

Thank you, Karen— I loved our Clarity session together and appreciate your helping me to find my path to retirement while preserving and protecting my unoccupied space!  CLICK HERE to see more 'Kind Words'


I did something really fun last Sunday afternoon.I had a Clarity Session with my good friend and co-worker, Karen Sachs. We've known each other for years and I knew she was a talented painter but I had no idea that she was also a gifted coach.I coach women all day long on relationships but where do I go to get coaching on my stuff?!? CLICK HERE to see more 'kind words'

FREE Course - Creative PLAY for Busy Women