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What Are You Grateful For, Really?

Hello Creative Souls! What are you grateful for, really?  When you align yourself with gratitude, so many more possibilities can enter your life to live more passionately.  I know things are different this year for all of us. It will never really be the...

Our 2020 Was Topsy Turvy!

Hi Creative Souls, Our 2020 was Topsy Turvy! But we can change that feeling, that story of how we see it!  We might not be ready to change how we see 2020 because we live in this upside-down world. Think about it though, at some point, the pandemic and the...

Where Are You Now?

Hi Creative Souls,  Where are you now? What do you desire next?  My friend Jessica hosted a get together a couple of weeks ago. It was a check-in for a group she facilitates, and she used those two questions. We were to really listen to ourselves to see...

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