Unlock your hidden potential with an inspiring life coach from The Human Essence Artistry. For more than 20 years, I have used art to direct me in my own growth, discovering my true essence and color my world beyond imagination. I love learning about myself and seeing how the mind works. Watching the mind become alive with our thoughts and feelings is captivating to me. The mind is a genius in how it uses art to help you get out of your left brain funk and into your right artistic side. It uses art to open hearts, minds and souls to see what is possible in living your life.

My mission is assisting others in finding the true essence of who they are so they can capture the beauty of their life and live it to the fullest.

Below are art programs that are designed to do just that!

No art experience necessary. It is best to do these in person but we can SkypeAll workshops are available one-on-one or in a group


Join me in painting your essence!

I saw this quote by an anonymous author, "Life is like using a whole box of crayons".

Your essence has multiple dimensions wanting to explore whole box of crayons. It wants to use more than one color. The movement of paint or any form of art, unfolds your true spirit. In this workshop you will discover YOU. Your real self and your beauty. I will use various art exercises to assist you in loving your true essence.

For example in your first workshop I will show you how to paint a symbol such as, an Owl(symbol of clarity and wisdom), Buddha (peace) or Mandala (wholeness) that will connect you to your true essence.

Join me in painting your ESSENCE.


No credit card required.


Enjoy a FUN afternoon creating!

Vision Boards are a fun way to explore your personal visions of what you want most in your life.

I like to use this unique tool to help create and manifest goals, dreams and future desires.

The boards are made up of pictures and words that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings and possessions you want to attract into your life.

Enjoy an afternoon of fun creating your own VISION BOARD.


No credit card required.


Paint imagination goals in your life!

What are you worried about right now? Are you stressed about a situation that you're not happy with?Do you want something different in your life but you can't get "clarity" around it?  

CLARITY creates clearer and enriching energy around what you really, really want.

In a Clarity Session we will look at 3 things you are most worried about. We will identify the limiting beliefs that are attached to these stories. After unraveling that belief we turn it around and establish a new empowering truth for you. The final step is creating a colorful piece of art that can help you heal where you can create your heart's desires.

Let's paint away your worries and stress now!

The process is about 2 hours with breaking down the beliefs in the first hour and then painting in the second.


No credit card required.

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