Sep 18, 2016: Workshop Do You Have the Time?

“Do You Have the Time?”

You will explore what your philosophy to time.

There are several philosophies around time:

(1) Plate treated time metaphorically as the moving image of eternity;

(2) Aristotle described time physically as the number or measure of motion;

(3) Plotinus treated time metaphysically as the productive life of the soul and then

(4) St. Augustine treated time in a very new way, psychologically, as an illusionary product of our mind.

What is your true definition of time?

Does time really exist?

How do you measure time?

In this particular topic you will paint your own time that exists (if it does)!

What an astounding way to live your life!


What is Paint Your Essence

In a Paint Your Essence Workshop YOU will create a new inner landscape that is fertile ground for discovering YOU and creating change. Color, imagery and symbolism, will be your guides in this expressive art painting workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for you to connect to YOU – your Expression.

To Sign Up

$65 including supplies

Sign up by September 10 and save $20

Bring a friend and save $5/each


Date: Sunday September 18, 1p-5p

Location: 1149 N Gower Street, Los Angeles, 90038


Questions: Contact Karen at, or 818 522 8127

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