Nov 6, 2016: Workshop – Will your real Essence please stand up?

Will your real Essence please standup?

Do you notice that when you are with your family you behave one way? Then with your friends you act another way? How about when you are with your Co-workers it is completely different than the first two? Welcome to your Personas.

A persona is the personality that a person projects in public.

We can look at that we are really putting on a mask to cover up something we don’t want the other parties to see. We hide to protect ourselves from what?

Masks have many intereptations. They go back thousands of years and it seems each culture had a different point of view.

In this workshop we will use the meaning that masks avoid and prevent you from being you..

So let’s take off the mask and paint the real you.

Let’s find your true expression and paint that!

What an amazing way to start living life to the fullest!


What is a Paint Your Essence Workshop?

In a Paint Your Essence Workshop, YOU will create a new inner landscape that is fertile ground for discovering YOU and creating change. Color, imagery and symbolism, will be your guides in this expressive art painting workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for you to connect to YOU and your Essence.


Sunday November 6, 1p-5p

Location: 1149 N Gower Street, Los Angeles, 90038


Regular price is $65 including Supplies

Sign up by Oct 31 and get a discount price $45/person

Sign up with a friend and save and additional $5/person.


Thank you for joining us in painting your Essence.

All levels are welcome.


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