Prolific Artist, Facilitator, Workshop Leader & Coach


The idea for The Artistry of the Human Essence began more than 20 years ago when I moved into my first apartment. Unable to find the “perfect” painting, I took matters into my own hands and became a contemporary artist, where paint would explode onto the canvas in a fantasy of color, forms, and textures. Since then, much of my art has left no color unexplored.

Bold, Different Styles

I classify my artwork as a little mixed and my use of color, blending, and shadows reflect this. Instead of brown mountains, for example, I make them purple. Color is the foundation for my art, and I believe they carry emotion—I use deep, dark colors in my work.

Diverse Subjects

As a contemporary artist, my portraits capture the essence of human experience, exposing parts of ourselves that we regularly keep hidden. I paint animals to show how much we can learn from our furry friends, while the liberal use of color in my landscapes explores the beauty of life. Abstract pieces allow me to freely express openness and creativity.


My Workshop Facilitator and Leadership training was with Productive Learning & Leisure in their Trainer's Training Program. It was intense and I loved my growth while training. After graduating, I partnered with them to become a Workshop Presenter and led one of their presentations, “Does Your Thinking Limit Your Success?”, to organizations and companies in the Los Angeles area. It was in my training that I craved to find a way to combine my two passions, Personal Growth & Art, to help others and continue my own growth.


When you color yourself beyond imagination, you can discover your essence to find the truth through the healing powers of artistic expression. The movement of paint or any form of art, unfolds your true essence. I studied under Whitney Freya, founder of Creatively Fit, to become a Certified Coach. I use a variety of art exercises to assist your growth.


  • The Fine Arts Federation
  • The Burbank Arts Association

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