​Thank you, Karen— I loved our Clarity session together and appreciate your helping me to find my path to retirement while preserving and protecting my unoccupied space!

Leslie R

I did something really fun last Sunday afternoon.I had a Clarity Session with my good friend and co-worker, Karen Sachs. We've known each other for years and I knew she was a talented painter but I had no idea that she was also a gifted coach.I coach women all day long on relationships but where do I go to get coaching on my stuff?!?


I went to Karen because I would GET TO PAINT and then she would guide me, using a PAINTING process, so that I can CLARITY on what is blocking me from having what I want in life. It was AMAZING and FUNNNNN!!!! SO MUCH FUNNN!!! I was having fun within the first 10 mins!


The session was remarkable. I saw how much the need for perfection is still running my life and how I'm still playing it safe and trying to get ready so I don't make a hot mess of my life and blow it. What came out of the session was this piece of "art."I'm no Monet, but I LOVE it. The clouds and the little heart in the middle are messy.  Karen, encouraged me to be messy when I was afraid of making a mess. She lovingly and kindly gave me the permission to play and that it would all turn out. Oh, and she is hilarious! We laughed the whole time. I can't recommend a session with Karen enough.She's just starting her practice and does them on the weekends as she still has her day job. It's worth every penny

Shadee A.

Class was awesome yesterday. I learned I can start things go over (change directions), not accept/settle on a situation I don't like, listen to my gut and keep things simple! I liked my finished piece of art so much better than trying to "force" a tree onto that first canvas.

Warren W.

I was never an artist. I have always been pretty businesslike and very practical, but Karen really has changed my life through art in her Painting your Essence class. I took it twice because I loved it so much. And I plan to take many more of her classes. I'm more confident artistically and personally. I'm grounded and more open. Karen Sachs is incredible, inspiring, compassionate, caring, safe, encouraging, and very fun. Don't miss out. Take a class. You'll love it and you'll love Karen. - Cynthia Chiana-Doughty

Cynthia C-D.

Knowing that Karen Sachs workshops provide me with a potent opportunity to pause, reflect and create -- and do so in ways that don't require anything more of me than showing up, getting messy, and seeing what wants to be revealed.I love them { so much } I don't wash my hands after so that I move forward into the week that follows with paint remnants reminding me that I took time to create. And the walls of my home reflect my investments, further evidence of time carved out for Me.

Wendy Y.

THANK YOU so very very much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help getting me through my painting "inner critic" the other day. Truly... I was so happy after that. Although my painting was pretty dark... and full of angst (clearly stuff I needed to get out)... it was so cathartic getting it out in the way I needed to get it out and I truly have you to thank for you.I would love to sign up for more classes. Should I just send you the money via paypal and sign up for the classes later as they come?
Susan R.

Thank you for the inspirational workshop today. I enjoyed it and my painting is in my bedroom as a reminder of things to come. I will look at it before I go to bed each night 🙂 I do believe this is a process I must go through in order to make way for change.Also, I think the cards I picked today were perfect and align with how I'm feeling.

You are a pro! I remember when you started the workshops and told me you were a bit nervous and unsure. You have come a long way!! You are so comfortable, insightful, professional and your passion is contagious. Keep it up, girl. You are going places.
Congratulations on a great workshop.
Anne D.

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